Master the Basics First

Have you seen the Pixar movie, “Up?” If you have, you probably remember the cute scene with Doug, the talking dog, who gets distracted by a squirrel. Like Doug, it’s so easy to get sidetracked by a shiny new object dangling nearby.  There are thousands of fitness products and diets ... Read More

How to Alkaline Your Body Safely

As a health-conscience reader, you’re looking for ways to eat naturally and promote a healthy digestive system.  This quest has probably led you to learn more about prebiotics, probiotics and fermented foods.  And maybe you’ve come across information about how baking soda can help alkaline your stomach. If you haven’t ... Read More

Eat This, Don’t Eat That

“Drink 8 glasses of water a day.”  “Don’t eat foods high in fat.”  “Eat breakfast.”  “Don’t eat foods with gluten.”  There are enough food recommendations out there to really overwhelm a person!  Trying to follow every recommendation you hear is impossible.  And frankly, we’re missing the point.  In an effort ... Read More