Nutrition Coaching

Have you tried every diet to lose weight yet the weight always seems to creep back?  That’s because diets are temporary.  They don’t teach you how to eat for the rest of your life.  Think about it.  After the diet is over, you go back to eating the way you always have, right?

It’s time to learn and apply new, healthy eating strategies.  That’s what nutrition coaching is all about!  You and your coach work together to get you the results you’ve been seeking.

Your coach will  develop a plan that you can implement immediately.  For some that may mean simply incorporating one super food into your daily diet.  For others, it may be introducing several new habits at once like timing when you will eat your carbohydrates and planning out your meals for the week.

Nutrition coaching removes typical dieting annoyances such as:

– Counting calories or points
– Measuring portions
– Removing entire food groups
– Ready to start shedding fat via better nutrition?  Nutrition coaching is included with personal training and our Fit Momma Training program.