Sara is passionate about educating fitness enthusiasts on her unconventional approach to fitness and health.  She brings 15 years of experience and a friendly smile to all her speaking engagements.  She welcomes speaking to any size group.  Please contact Sara to schedule a seminar.



Restore the Core: Core Training for New Moms
Other than losing the baby weight, getting your abs back in shape is a priority for new moms.  Once your doctor gives you the all clear, what’s next?  There is very little guidance provided by the medical team.  Believe it or not, many of the abdominal exercises you could do before pregnancy should not be immediately included in your core training program.  Learn what happens to your core during pregnancy, what exercises to do to properly strengthen your core after baby, and what exercises you should avoid.

Improving Movement with Foam Rolling
Foam rolling is one of the hottest trends in functional training right now.  In this workshop you’ll be introduced to the amazing benefits foam rolling provides.  Experience the mini-massage and how it can help relieve pain and tightness, increase mobility, improve day to day activities as well as recreational sports.

Discover the Root of Your Pain
Do you have chronic tightness in your neck and upper back?  Do you frequently have lower back pain?  Have you ever said, “It sucks to get old?”  Many of these aches and pains are a result of poor posture, lack of mobility, and stressed muscles.  Learn how all the muscles of the body are related to each other.  After this 45 minute seminar, you will have a better understanding of why your joints hurt, how you can treat them, and avoid multiple visits to a doctor.