Free of Fat

Stepping on the scale makes you frustrated and angry.  And you wonder why what you’re doing is not working.
In fact, you’re probably doing everything right.  You exercise and pay attention to what you’re eating.  But you just aren’t seeing any changes in how your clothes fit.
It’s time to

  • Release that stubborn fat
  • Stop feeling helpless about your body
  • Be ready to wear what you want to wear this summer
One of the things I hear most often from women is that they want a flatter belly and less jiggly arms.  Nutrition is a key component in achieving a toned body.  So I felt obligated to share how nutrition plays a huge role in burning fat.

The 10-day Free of Fat program will get you results because it teaches you to train your body to burn stored fat.  Most people go low carb and end up eating too much fat.  That promotes fat storage!

Exercise and metabolism should burn the excess fat on our body……not the fat we eat.

10 days is a short amount of time, right?  So this isn’t a miracle weight loss transformation program.  It’s the information you need to set the foundation to make your body a fat-burning machine!

  • Begin changing how you look
  • Establish a healthy relationship with carbs
  • Learn how much fat to eat

There is a difference between weight loss and fat loss.  This program is all about fat loss so you can see defined muscles once the fat is burned off!

Other programs focus on rapid weight loss and when finished, leave you without direction.  So you go back to eating all things you “couldn’t” during the short diet.  Prevent this cycle from starting again and learn the strategies to never need to diet again!”

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