Restore the Core

An 8-week exercise program focused on improving posture, alignment, and core function.

Restore the Core for Post Partum Moms

Whether you had a natural delivery or cesarian delivery, pregnancy and birth seriously changes your pelvis alignment, abdominal strength, pelvic floor function, and more.  This 4-week downloadable video program is for moms 4 weeks – 12 months post partum.

  • Learn how to check your abdominals for diastasis recti
  • Strengthen the muscles that get weak during pregnancy
  • Improve the look of your belly by improving your pelvis position
  • Safe, effective exercises that promote abdominal wall healing
  • Reduce pain and stiffness from picking up your child and nursing

Week 1: Alignment & Mobility Exercises
Week 2: Core Exercises
Week 3: Glute Activation Exercises
Week 4: Total Body Workout

Restore the Core for Posture Improvement

Your lifestyle is taking a toll on your posture.  Driving and mobile phone technology is wreaking havoc on your spine and pelvis.  This 8-week downloadable video program reverses the poor posture and breathing patterns we adopt over time.

  • Learn how breathing better improves your core function
  • Discover how a tennis ball reduces stiffness and improves mobility
  • Stabilize your core and strengthen your abdominals
  • Wake up your underactive glutes
  • Gain freedom of movement through your spine

Week 1:  Alignment Exercises
Week2:  Mobility Exercises
Week 3:  Glute Activation Exercises
Week 4:  Core Exercises
Weeks 5 – 8:  Complete Core Workouts

What You Get With the Program

Instant download to any device

Video demonstration of all exercises and progressions

Email coaching from the creator/instructor, Sara Lewis

Access to the private Post Natal Fitness Group on Facebook to get support

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Sara Lewis is the creator and featured personality in Restore the Core.  Sara has been training people for more than 12 years and has noticed a trend in muscle imbalances among her clients.  She created these programs to address the common alignment concerns she sees.