The Overlooked Muscle Involved in Knee Pain Relief

There's a little muscle behind your knee that the average joe hasn't heard of.  It's often overlooked in knee pain relief simply because the quads and hamstrings get the spotlight.  But the popliteus must be considered when discussing knee health. Introducing the...

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Tri-Planar Total Body Strength Workout

Your body moves in three primary planes of motion.  The majority of typical exercises fall into one plane of motion.  But to train the body in a functional way and help reduce the chance of injury, it's important to train how you move in daily life. Exercises such as...

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5 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Dieting is the worst, isn't it?! You have to gear yourself up to start a diet; mentally prepare for the deprivation; mourn the loss of your favorite foods.  It's just not a happy time. We've all done enough diets that we really do know how to lose weight without...

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Golfers Elbow Exercises

You know what stinks? Having golfers elbow when you don't play golf!  I do lift weights three times a week though.  So this repetitive motion injury has reared it's ugly head.  Because I'm a personal trainer, I didn't go straight to Google to look up what golfers...

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Family Scavenger Race

About 6 years ago, I had this idea that I thought sounded super fun.  "I'll organize an Urban Adventure Race for the whole town."  My enthusiasm waned though and the event never happened. But now I've refreshed the idea and made it bigger and better!  I introduce you...

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Total Body Workout at Home

I'm bringing another 30-minute total body workout at home to the blog today.  I've dubbed this one Lots 'O Legs because even though it has exercises for the upper body, it definitely has a focus on the legs. For this workout, you'll need a resistance tube/band,...

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