Golfers Elbow Exercises

You know what stinks? Having golfers elbow when you don't play golf!  I do lift weights three times a week though.  So this repetitive motion injury has reared it's ugly head.  Because I'm a personal trainer, I didn't go straight to Google to look up what golfers...

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Family Scavenger Race

About 6 years ago, I had this idea that I thought sounded super fun.  "I'll organize an Urban Adventure Race for the whole town."  My enthusiasm waned though and the event never happened. But now I've refreshed the idea and made it bigger and better!  I introduce you...

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Total Body Workout at Home

I'm bringing another 30-minute total body workout at home to the blog today.  I've dubbed this one Lots 'O Legs because even though it has exercises for the upper body, it definitely has a focus on the legs. For this workout, you'll need a resistance tube/band,...

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Misinformation about Losing Weight

I don't talk about losing weight that much anymore.  I'd much rather talk about changing your habits or why you have chronic tightness.  But, I realize that the majority of clients who hire a personal trainer want to lose weight. The simple answer to weight loss is...

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Neurological Threshold

Have you ever had your shoulder or knee start to hurt in the middle of a workout?  The first set or two is fine and then something just feels off: a click starts or pain sets in. You might think you sustained an injury.  But maybe it's just your body's way of letting...

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Crunchless Core Exercises

  A frequent conversation I have with my clients is about how often you can train your core.  Given the amount of plank challenges on the internet, most people assume it's okay to to do crunchless core exercises every day. So let's discuss.  You've probably heard to...

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