Dieting is the worst, isn’t it?! You have to gear yourself up to start a diet; mentally prepare for the deprivation; mourn the loss of your favorite foods.  It’s just not a happy time. We’ve all done enough diets that we really do know how to lose weight without dieting.  If we’ve learned anything from diets it’s that you have to stop eating all.the.things.

It should be simple, but we complicate our weight loss efforts by looking for the trendiest diet or start a diet that a friend did.  We believe that the next diet we do will be the one that works……the one that sticks.  It’s a constant cycle of start a diet, lose weight, weight comes back slowly, so start another diet.

Can we stop the dieting madness?  There are so many ways to lose weight without dieting.  The trick is to DO them.  I put together this vlog with 5 basic principles that can really move the needle, albeit slowly, on weight loss.  If you master these, you’ll avoid the diet cycle.

So what do you think?  Simple strategies, right?  And I didn’t even mention exercise!  You know why?  Because the bulk of weight loss comes from the food side of the equation; not the exercise side.  Exercise certainly helps!  But if you eat more calories than you burn off, you won’t lose weight.

In the video above, I mention being surrounded by supportive people.  That includes me:)  My next 6-week, virtual Uncool Fitness Training program kicks off on April 29, 2019.  You get daily accountability from me and help with establishing nutrition habits.  For more details, click here.