total body strength workout

Your body moves in three primary planes of motion.  The majority of typical exercises fall into one plane of motion.  But to train the body in a functional way and help reduce the chance of injury, it’s important to train how you move in daily life.

Exercises such as bicep curls, tricep extensions, lunges, and crunches all fall into the sagittal plane.  This is the most heavily used plane.  It’s a good idea to explore the other planes a bit more.

I designed this total body strength workout to work both the upper body and lower body in each plane of motion.  If you are just starting an exercise program, do one set of each exercise in the order listed.  If you have been lifting weights for 6 weeks or more, do 3 sets & 12 reps of each exercise.  The workout should take around 45 minutes.

a heavy and a light pair of dumbbells
medicine ball (not required)

Here is the workout:

Sagittal Plane
DB Chest Press in neutral grip
DB 1-Arm Row

Transverse Plane
DB Flyes
Tubing Pull Aparts
Reverse Lunge with rotation

Frontal Plane
DB Shoulder Press
Pullups (or Lat Pull Down) – *Please note that my grip in the video is incorrect.  Grip should be wide with palms facing down.
Alternating Side Lunges

3D Plank x 4 in each direction
Twisting Crunches X 10reps/side
Side Plank x 15seconds

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