I’m bringing another 30-minute total body workout at home to the blog today.  I’ve dubbed this one Lots ‘O Legs because even though it has exercises for the upper body, it definitely has a focus on the legs.

For this workout, you’ll need a resistance tube/band, moderately-heavy dumbbells, and a timer.  Check out the video below for details on the timer I love to use.

You’ll set 2 timed intervals.  The first is for 5 minutes.  You’ll do 2 exercises, repeating back to back, for 5 minutes.  10 reps of each exercise.  Then you’ll take a 1 minute rest break before beginning the next 5 minute block.  There are 5 blocks total.  With the rest breaks and warmup, the workout should take around 30 minutes.

Five minutes may not seem like very long, but you’ll get lots of sets in in that amount of time.

Total Body Workout at Home

Block 1:  Tubing Pull Aparts & Squat Jumps
*If you can’t jump, do bodyweight squats.

Block 2: Dumbbell Chest Press & Walking Lunges

Block 3:  Romanian Deadlifts (RDLS) & Plank

Block 4: Lat Pull Down & Skater
*If you don’t have a high anchor point, you can do 1-Arm Row instead.

Block 5:  Goblet Squat & Tubing Side Steps

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