Total Body Band Workout

A band workout is a great option if you’re traveling, need a lighter resistance workout, or just want to try something different.

I prefer to use the band/tubing with handles for this band workout, but it’s not necessary.  Also, if you have two bands providing different resistances, you can use both during this band workout.  There are a couple exercises that might need a lighter intensity.

Band Workout

There are 2 ways you can do this workout depending on how much time you have.  First, you can do an AMRAP (As Many Round As Possible.)  Set a timer for 20-30 minutes and do as many round in that time as you can.  Second, start a timer and do 3 rounds for time.  Record how long it takes you to complete 3 rounds.

Either way you do this, be prepared for a unique challenge!  You’ll get your heart rate up while you’re strength training.  I love a good cardio/strength mix!

Skiers – anchor the band around a column or heavy piece of furniture.  Squat and pull the band back towards your hips making sure to keep your elbows straight.  Pretend you’re downhill skiing.  20 reps  This works your legs, back, and a little bit of triceps too!

Resisted Punches – keep the band anchored.  Alternate arms punching straight ahead.  20 punches/arm  This works your chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Resisted Rows – keep the band anchored.  Alternate arms pulling back.  20 rows/arm  This works your back, posterior shoulder, and biceps.

Pallof Press – keep the band anchored.  Bring the band right in front of your chest, then press straight out.  It looks like an arm exercise, but really it’s a core stability exercise! 20 reps/side

Pullover Dead Bug – if you can, lower your anchor point a little for this one.  Pull the band so that there’s tension on it.  Slowly alternate your legs, pressing out through your heel. 10 reps/leg  This works your core.  Make sure to keep your ribs connected to the floor.

Lunge with Shoulder Press – if you have a lighter resistance band, use it for this exercise. Anchor the band under your front foot.  Step back with the opposite leg into a lunge, then step forward and press your arms up.  It’s usually more comfortable on the shoulder joint to keep your palms facing each other.  10 reps/leg  This works your legs, glutes, and shoulders.

Chops – keep using the lighter resistance band for this one.  Anchor the band under one foot.  Squat and twist away from your anchor point.  Pretend you’re swinging a golf club (sort of.) 10 reps/side  This works your legs and obliques.

Diagonal PullAparts – depending on how fatigued your shoulders are, you may want the lighter band. But you could go back to the heavier resistance band.  Make sure to pull equally with each arm. 10 reps/side  This works your back – specifically, your posterior shoulder and low trap.

Banded Bird Dog – loop one end of the band around your foot.  Then hold the other end in your opposite hand.  Go slow and keep your hips level.  10 reps/leg  This works your core.  You may feel your shoulders at this point too!

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