As a mom, it’s easy to talk yourself out of a workout.  “I don’t have time.  Netflix is calling.  I don’t have a babysitter.  I haven’t had coffee.”  Etc, etc.  Right?!

You really just need a workout to be convenient.  And that’s where bodyweight exercises for women come into play.  No equipment required.  No gym necessary.  You don’t even have to change clothes.

This workout is 15-30 minutes depending on how many rounds you do.  It will feel like cardio because your heart rate will be up!  But you will also be doing strength training.

Bodyweight Exercises for Women

Here’s the deal — there are 9 bodyweight exercises.  You do 9 reps of each exercise.  Set a timer for up to 30 mins max.  Do as many rounds as you can in that time.

  • Bridges – on your back; focus on your glutes working.  Do not lift so high that you arch your lower back.
  • Pushups – here’s my challenge to you:  do not do these on your knees.  If you’re not ready to do traditional pushups on your toes, do them on an incline!  Check out my client doing them on a pool table.  The incline makes them easier, but you’re still doing them on your toes.  You can try this exercise on stairs or the arm of a chair/couch.

Incline Pushups

  • Breakdancer – the tough part about this one is keeping your knees off the ground!
  • Kneeling Lunges – do 9 on one leg, then do 9 on the other leg.  Remember: if you put your right knee down first, step up with your right foot.  (I stole this exercise from Jenny Burrell.)
  • Plank with Reach Back – hips go up like an upside down V or downward dog.  When you return to plank, make sure to get your shoulders over your wrists.  Pause to feel your abs working.
  • Froggers – these are kind of like squat thrusts with some extra mobility added in.  Jump or step forward and drop your hips.
  • Side Plank with Hip Drop – you can do these on your knees or toes.  Top hand can be on your hip or straight up in the air.
  • Single-Leg RDLs – focus on a backwards and forwards motion from the hip.  Do not bend your knees a lot like a squat.  When you push your hips back, you’ll feel a stretch on the back of your thighs.
  • Squat Jumps – if jumping doesn’t suit you, you can take out the jump and do bodyweight squats.

The Bodyweight Workout

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