Virtual Training

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the exercise and diet information out there these days.  There are so many options that you don’t know which one to choose or which one will work for you.  The problem is you want to lose weight, but you also want to eat the foods you enjoy.

It’s time to hire a coach….someone who can help you navigate the endless choices, dial in your nutrition and exercise, and hold you accountable.

Virtual training allows you to

  • exercise wherever and whenever it works with your schedule
  • create life-long nutrition habits
  • get support from me, a certified personal trainer

One on One

  • Customized training plan
  • A private call with me every month to discuss progress and action steps to move forward.
  • Daily accountability with checkins via an app.
  • Nutrition education
  • Live, 30-minute, video-based workouts, 2x/wk
  • $199/month


Please see information for Semi-Private Training

Uncool Fitness Training

Stop dieting and start establishing nutrition habits that last.  Learn how to eat carbs without guilt.  Do workouts that rev your metabolism.
The Uncool Fitness Training program is a 6-week, virtual coaching program designed with daily accountability, 30-minute workouts and a real live coach to help you burn fat, workout in minimal time to define muscle, and keep you accountable to your nutrition and exercise.


Over the past six weeks my eating and workout have changed. The challenges were changing my eating to get much more protein in each day and lowering my fat. It took about four weeks to really come up with daily meals that allowed me to do this. I now really do not feel hunger or the need to snack at night.  I no longer reach for chocolate daily, but do still have some. The daily lessons/ accountability check in were very motivating as they kept me on track, taught me new things, and let me know Sara was keep on top of me.  Taking before and after photos (something I have not done before) really allowed me to see changes that I could not see on the scale. ~ Courtney
I can always find an excuse to not hold myself accountable for exercising or eating well.  But knowing that I have to answer someone else on a daily basis really forces me to think about what I’m doing and how dumb my excuses are in the long run.  I hate saying “no” that I didn’t do something that is good for me so this program helped me clean up my habits.  I’ve used My Fitness Pal in the past, but that’s still just answering to yourself and the excuses are easy.  I love knowing that there’s a real person on other end of the app who wants to see me succeed.  I was on the sofa and wasn’t going to exercise and remembered that I’d get an email the next morning asking me if I did…so I just got up and DID IT.  ~ Sherrie
My struggle before starting the Uncool Fitness Program was not knowing where to begin and just feeling overwhelmed.   Sara provided a basic weight training program that allowed me to just start – stop procrastinating.  The exercises were easy to learn, easy to do at home at anytime of the day and only 30 minutes – very doable.  The daily tips helped to keep me focused and provided small changes that created new habits.  The small changes were not overwhelming to implement and yet made a huge difference.   It was helpful to focus on fat intake reduction versus weight reduction.  Learning how much water and protein intake I needed very extremely valuable.  The daily check-ins made me accountable and Sara responded to any questions/concerns/comments which kept me motivated.  The Zoom calls were awesome!  I learned a lot from hearing what was working/not working with the other participants which helped me to make changes.  Sara tailored the program to your individual needs.  I’d say (it was) about week 4 when I started to fell stronger when doing the exercises and started to notice a change in the way my clothes were fitting. The exercises were easy to incorporate into my schedule so I wasn’t procrastinating or making excuses not to do them. I feel stronger and more empowered to take control over my health and well being.   ~ Amy