Lessons Learned from my Hike at Elevation

The leader said it was going to be an easy, 3 mile hike.  He said my tennis shoes would be fine to wear.  I didn't have hiking boots anyway.  This personal trainer was in for quite an experience!  Here are the lessons I learned from my hike at elevation. I was in Park...

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Bodyweight Exercises For Women

As a mom, it's easy to talk yourself out of a workout.  "I don't have time.  Netflix is calling.  I don't have a babysitter.  I haven't had coffee."  Etc, etc.  Right?! You really just need a workout to be convenient.  And that's where bodyweight exercises for women...

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Should You Stretch Before Exercising

A question that I'm often asked is, "should I stretch before exercising?"  The short answer is no.  But stay with me if you'd like to know why.......... First up, there has been research to show that stretching before a workout does not prevent injury.  So if you...

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Increasing Protein in Diet

When it comes to nutrition, I encourage my clients to start increasing protein in diet.  Protein is the building blocks of muscle.  So if you want defined arms, you need to eat protein.  You also need to lift weights.  Cardio alone will burn some calories, but won't...

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Sciatica Pain Treatment

If you feel that all too familiar shooting pain down the back of your leg, you probably have researched sciatica pain treatment. I've worked with a number of clients who report sciatica pain and have found that the most common solution they hear is to stretch the...

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Exercises to Help with Neck Pain

Neck pain seems to be plaguing my clients lately.  And the blog series I wrote about neck and shoulder tension are by far my most popular!  (Read those here after reading this one.) So for this blog, we'll talk about one of the neck flexor muscles: the...

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