Misinformation about Losing Weight

I don't talk about losing weight that much anymore.  I'd much rather talk about changing your habits or why you have chronic tightness.  But, I realize that the majority of clients who hire a personal trainer want to lose weight. The simple answer to weight loss is...

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Neurological Threshold

Have you ever had your shoulder or knee start to hurt in the middle of a workout?  The first set or two is fine and then something just feels off: a click starts or pain sets in. You might think you sustained an injury.  But maybe it's just your body's way of letting...

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Crunchless Core Exercises

  A frequent conversation I have with my clients is about how often you can train your core.  Given the amount of plank challenges on the internet, most people assume it's okay to to do crunchless core exercises every day. So let's discuss.  You've probably heard to...

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Total Body Band Workout

A band workout is a great option if you're traveling, need a lighter resistance workout, or just want to try something different. I prefer to use the band/tubing with handles for this band workout, but it's not necessary.  Also, if you have two bands providing...

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Stretches for Lower Back Pain

If you've ever had pain in your low back, you've probably Googled stretches for lower back pain.  Stretching and/or massage can temporarily relieve lower back pain, but it's often not the cure. With my clients who have been doing stretches for lower back pain, I often...

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Quick Workouts at Home

I'm a big believer that you don't need to spend an hour exercising.  Quick workouts at home are both convenient and effective.  The key is how the workout is structured. The triple set links together three exercises to work similar muscles.  You fatigue quicker and...

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