I don’t talk about losing weight that much anymore.  I’d much rather talk about changing your habits or why you have chronic tightness.  But, I realize that the majority of clients who hire a personal trainer want to lose weight.

The simple answer to weight loss is eat less, move more.  But we complicate that statement with our thoughts about food.  We start applying advanced eating techniques when we haven’t mastered the basics.  We’ve forgotten the simple truth that weight loss comes down to calories.

So when a client asked me if she should do the Keto Diet, it ended up sparking a long discussion on the misinformation about losing weight.  In the video below, I’m recapping my conversation with her that included:

  • my thoughts on the Keto Diet
  • fruit and it’s relation to weight loss
  • eating meals late in the evening
  • the most important factor in losing weight

Any diet will help you lose weight.  They all create a calorie deficit.  The bigger picture shows that diets aren’t sustainable.  Once you finish the diet and go back to real life, you realize that it was only a temporary solution.

When you’re ready to change your nutrition habits and stop starting diets, check out my virtual training options, so I can help you fit into your clothes!