Monthly Archives: September 2015

Updated Core Training

When core training became all the rage a few years ago, it was all about the four abdominal muscles.  And man, things went crazy!  The goal of ab workouts was to see how much you could make them burn and if your abs weren’t sore the next day, then you obviously didn’t do enough. The ... Read More

Accessorize Your Life from the Inside Out

Today’s blog is a guest post by Certified Health Coach, Megan Quinn.  [Enter Megan] Ladies, what if I told you, you can take the same approach to shrink your waistline, increase your energy and reduce stress, as you did with spicing up last night’s outfit? No need to throw out your entire routine and start ... Read More

Simple Post Partum Exercises

New moms want to return to their pre-pregnancy weight ASAP.  We see the images and hear the stories of the celebrities that have returned to their prebaby clothing size after only 4 weeks.  In addition to making the average mom feel terrible about her body, these headlines also give false hope and unrealistic expectations for ... Read More