When my client showed up for her training session she said, “We gotta do something about my lower back.”

It’s so common to have random lower back pain when you have no idea what you did to it.  Whether you slept wrong or did too much gardening or just feel tight, here are some exercises to help loosen you up when your lower back hurts for no reason.

This video shows you exactly what exercises I did with my client to help release her lower back.

*I know it’s sideways.  I can’t figure out how to right it.  Gotta love technology!  If you know how to fix it, please comment below!

What’s not shown in the video is that after doing all this, we then did her normal strength workout with a couple modifications.  Movement provides blood flow to the area and in combination with the mobility exercises can really help your lower back feel better.

Too much sitting won’t help.  Taking a gentle walk or staying active with housework or getting up from your desk for a few minutes will help.