April Workout Music Playlist

There’s nothing like music to help motivate you through a workout. Are you looking for some ideas to add to your workout music playlist? Here are my Top 10 in no particular order for this month. 1. Save the World (Radio Mix) – Swedish House Mafia 2. The Enforcer – 50 Cent This is from ... Read More

Outsmart Being Overweight

I have to admit, I used to think weight loss was easy.  Just eat less and move more and a new slimmer you appears!  And while that statement remains true, it is tremendously hard for people to lose weight.  That’s why there are more programs and diets and infomercials than you can count, right?  The ... Read More

One Common Technique Mistake

I’ve been teaching group exercise classes and personal training for over a decade.? One of the most common technique mistakes I see occurs in the?staggered stance position.? Most of the time, you use staggered stance for one-arm rows, lunges and?tricep kickbacks. Many people will stand in staggered stance like this: ? Notice my foot on ... Read More

What is Metabolic Blast?

One of the more frequent questions I’m getting about the new facility is, “What is Metabolic Blast?”? It’s a unique group exercise class!? It’s similar to circuit training, but with some twists.? Picture the gym, divided into stations, two people per station.? One person is doing TRX Rows, the other, squats with dumbbells.? You and ... Read More

News & Facility Updates: It’s All Good

Despite the cold outside, things are heating up at Mix Fitness!? First, Mix Fitness took home second place in the business plan competition sponsored by the Loudoun Small Business Development Center this month.? Fourteen businesses entered their plan in the competition and all were three years old or younger and based in Loudoun County.? The ... Read More

The Death of Personal Trainers

Coming from a personal trainer, that title should raise some eyebrows.? My eyebrows were raised a couple times in the past few weeks by the actions of a couple personal trainers.? The first story is based on a conversation I overheard while in a buffet line at a networking event.? I happened to be in ... Read More

Win a Free Boot Camp Registration

Do you know someone who wants to get in shape, but is having a hard time doing it?? Is it you?? Maybe motivation, cost, or lack of child care is preventing your friend from working out.? It’s time to nominate the person you feel would most benefit from attending a Mix Fitness boot camp! ? ... Read More

Getting Your Mind Right

“Get your mind right” is a phrase that Todd Durkin often says.? I was fortunate to attend his mentorship at his facility, Fitness Quest 10, in April this year.? While the mentorship was for fitness entrepreneurs, many of the life coaching lessons we learned can be applied to anyone. Here’s a question that I want ... Read More