What We Can Learn From Weight Watchers

I’m not a fan of diets.? To summarize a past blog post, diets are temporary.? When you return to eating the way you always have, you gain the weight back.? The only eating plan I even come close to recommending is Weight Watchers.? Why?? Because you make your own food choices and no foods are restricted.? You still have to go to the grocery store.? You still have to make your own meals.? But, at some point, you stop counting “points” and return to eating the way you have for most of your life.? There are principles used in Weight Watchers that you can apply to your eating habits for the rest of your life.?

First, you must measure portion sizes.? Always measure your portions.? This greatly reduces the amount of calories you consume!? We have grown accustomed to huge servings from restaurants.? Now, we complain when we get served small (read…actual) portions.? Don’t trust your eyes.


Second, fiber content is important.? Fiber is hard to digest and leaves your stomach slowly keeping you fuller longer.? Fiber prevents your blood sugar from spiking.? The consequences of a blood sugar crash are low energy and intense cravings for chips and candy.? Eat foods that are high in fiber like oatmeal, whole-wheat bread, beans, blueberries (among many other fruits) and most vegetables.

Third, keeping track of what you are ingesting works.? When you have to write down each morsel that enters your mouth, you tend to make better choices.? You also tend to eat less.? You become aware of how much nibbling you do.


Next, exercise regularly.? When your fat is reduced, you look better if there is strong, toned muscle underneath.? Any weight loss regimen should include some form of consistent activity.

Finally, enlist support.? Weight loss is not easy.? You must make lifestyle changes and break old habits.? Having a friend who will exercise with you or a spouse that encourages you to cook healthier will help you reach your goals.

The key with these is that you incorporate them into your lifestyle.? Learn how to eat healthy, be active and never diet again.


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