The Easy Guide to Back Exercises

How much priority do you give to your back muscles during your workout?  The back muscles often take a back seat (<—see what I did there?) to the muscles on the front such as the pecs, abs, and biceps.  But when our backs hurt, it’s a good reminder to give those muscles as much attention ... Read More

Updated Core Training

When core training became all the rage a few years ago, it was all about the four abdominal muscles.  And man, things went crazy!  The goal of ab workouts was to see how much you could make them burn and if your abs weren’t sore the next day, then you obviously didn’t do enough. The ... Read More

3 Exercises I No Longer Do

When you start out in the fitness industry with a degree right out college, you think you know all there is about exercise.  I was once the doe-eyed trainer that couldn’t wait to give my clients the most awesome exercises I could possibly find.  I thought my clients would become bored after doing the same ... Read More