New Year, Same Resolution

January is rapidly approaching and exercise is now a conscious thought for many.? It’s funny how we suddenly have time to exercise in January.? We’re far too busy in the other months of the year to work on our fitness and health.? (Not!)? Here’s the thing:? you MAKE time to exercise when the new year ... Read More

Carbs: Simple, Complex and So Misunderstood

It seems to me that as a result of the “no carb” craze, we’ve gotten confused about what carbohydrates are and why we need them.? There are two types of carbohydrates: simple and complex.? Simple carbohydrates are the variety you should avoid.? Simple carbs are sugars without any nutrient value.? You’ll find this type of ... Read More

Does taking a week off hurt your fitness level?

? We’ve all been there.? You are back to your normal workout after taking a week or two off.? Everything feels harder and you feel out of shape.? But, do you really hurt your fitness level by missing a few workouts? In short, yes.? Research is showing that you lose some strength if you miss ... Read More