Importance of Scar Tissue Massage

I’ve reached a breaking point with the amount of clients I’ve seen with overactive scar tissue. If you’ve had surgery or have significant scars, you need to understand the importance of scar tissue massage. When you’ve had surgery, your brain sends loads of information to that area in order to heal.  That’s crucially important.  The ... Read More

Rethinking Inner Thigh Strength

Once upon a time, I made a little video making the case for not strengthening your inner thighs. I recently watched it again and my advice is still on point.  However, I’ve been working with a client recently who has me rethinking inner thigh strength. If you want to watch the video for background information, ... Read More

Managing Pain with Massage

Many of you have or have had joint pain.? For those with chronic shoulder, hip, knee, and low back pain, massage may be a source of relief.? I’m excited to bring you this guest post by Kristen McKenzie, CMT. ­­­­Benefits of Massage for Pain Reduction This past year, the American Massage Therapy Association focused its ... Read More