How to Alkaline Your Body Safely

As a health-conscience reader, you’re looking for ways to eat naturally and promote a healthy digestive system.  This quest has probably led you to learn more about prebiotics, probiotics and fermented foods.  And maybe you’ve come across information about how baking soda can help alkaline your stomach. If you haven’t heard about taking baking soda ... Read More

Outsmart Being Overweight

I have to admit, I used to think weight loss was easy.  Just eat less and move more and a new slimmer you appears!  And while that statement remains true, it is tremendously hard for people to lose weight.  That’s why there are more programs and diets and infomercials than you can count, right?  The ... Read More

Homemade Salad Dressing Recipes

Often times, when we start changing the way we eat in order to lose weight, we eat more salads.? In fact, this week’s nutrition challenge in the Wintervention program is eating more fruits and vegetables.? This blog was inspired by a participant who asked about healthy salad dressings.? ? The majority of low-fat salad dressings ... Read More

Carbs: Simple, Complex and So Misunderstood

It seems to me that as a result of the “no carb” craze, we’ve gotten confused about what carbohydrates are and why we need them.? There are two types of carbohydrates: simple and complex.? Simple carbohydrates are the variety you should avoid.? Simple carbs are sugars without any nutrient value.? You’ll find this type of ... Read More