The Pitfalls of Using Calorie Calculators

We live in an age where information is at our fingertips.  When it comes to deciphering how many calories we need to eat, it’s as simple as plugging in some numbers into a website calculator and within seconds we know the answer!  In this article, I’ll share my experience getting my metabolism tested in a ... Read More

Why Low Fat/Low Cal Foods Don’t Promote Weight Loss

You’re trying to lose weight.  You buy all the “right” foods.  The label says it’s low fat, so it must be healthy.  You eat low fat snacks and have low calorie lunches right out of the microwave and haven’t lost a single pound.  Sound familiar? These marketing messages screaming “Low Fat” are messing with our ... Read More

5 Lessons Learned From A Cleanse

If you had asked me a year ago if I’d be willing to do a cleanse, I would have said no.  My thinking was that cleanses were either a rapid weight loss gimmick or a liquid/starvation diet.  This was a case of me not doing research on cleanses and immediately writing them off.  At some ... Read More

Good Hormones Behaving Badly

When you think about over-active hormones, the image of a teenager with acne may come to mind. But, what about us adults? It may be alarming to learn that our hormones may be contributing to weight gain. Our society has evolved from times of neediness for food to times of great abundance. However, our hormones ... Read More

Outsmart Being Overweight

I have to admit, I used to think weight loss was easy.  Just eat less and move more and a new slimmer you appears!  And while that statement remains true, it is tremendously hard for people to lose weight.  That’s why there are more programs and diets and infomercials than you can count, right?  The ... Read More